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Level 1 and 2 Hygiene Practice Procedures

The clinic and waiting room will be thoroughly cleaned each session, we use hospital grade disinfectant spray to kill germs on surfaces touched including door handles, desks, chair arms, adjusting table, eftpos machine, pens used by patients. 

Clean face paper is used with each patient.


Between each appointment we clean surfaces touched in my clinic room.


I do wash my hands in between appointments for 20 seconds in warm soapy water, and dry carefully afterwards.


A hand sanitizer is also used regularly, and we have this available for patients, they are also welcome to wash their hands if needed.


I will remain up to date and compliant with the standards set by the Chiropractic Board and follow all protocols carefully, as new information and legal advice on how to proceed is happening almost daily. 

Toilet and bathroom facilities are available for patients to use with Soap and Single use Paper towels.

On the front door is a notice to patients not to enter if they feel unwell.


Booking and Interactions;


My regular appointments are half an hour.  New appointments are an hour long.

Patients can pay by cash, eftpos or online.

If patients are immune compromised, elderly, or have respiratory issues, I will schedule at the start of a shift, so they can be the first patient seen.


I will reschedule a patient if;

  • they have a cold or flu symptoms (cough, fever, change in taste/smell, shortness of breath, sore throat or awaiting a Covid-19 test result)

  • Patient has returned from overseas in the past 14 days.

  • Just travelled to a region with a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the last 2 weeks.

  • If the patient has had close contact with a person with confirmed, probable or suspected Covid-19.


Ventilation is ample with windows on 3 walls in my clinic room, and on 2 walls in the waiting room.  The front door is open weather permitting.

Practitioner's Promise;

If I am unwell, I will not work.

Face mask will be worn at work.

To maintain my health as has been suggested in overseas studies to take Vitamin C, D3, and zinc.

To provide reassurance to you the patient I will be commencing twice weekly salvia tests for Covid regardless of my health status as a preventative measure.


Based on WorkSafe information we are to wait for the Public Health Unit to contact me if I test positive for Covid.  I will liase with them when they call as I have no receptionist. I can return to work when I test negative.

Contact tracing from appointment book of patients that have been in for treatment.

Covid Tracer app QR Code is at the front door where patients enter.


Vaccine status is a personal choice and will not be discussed as my focus is chiropractic health and wellness for all patients. However, if you wish to know the vaccination status of staff please ask. 

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